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life, the universe and everything

Hello again flist - its that time again. The time when I realise I haven't wittered on at you for a while, so we must remedy this - oh yes!

Well, I have done lots of loverly and exciting things of late. Which is odd. Nice, but definitely odd. Still, I have seen and done and met and talked and drank and it was good - I have been to see Equus - which was rather better than I was anticipating.'lil Harry was a revelation - always thought he was the rubbishy-ist actor of the young HP cast, but in Equus I honestly couldn't fault him. He was commited, engaging and totally believeable. Loved the set-design and the horsies too. *Neighs*

I have also been to the aquarium with the beautiful trazzles and we saw some fishes and some robot jellyfish that had us confused for some time. Real? Not real? Real? Not real? We also saw some impressive shark things - although their feeding time was less action packed than I had hoped - I want chum, blood n guts and a feeding frenzy, not idly snatching bits of dead fish as they float passed your head. Although I think our favourite shark was the comedically fierce shark - he was gi-normous but a bit buck-toothed. Don't like sharks eyes though - something about that dead, flat stare that really unnerves me. 

Also loubieloutoo and I *finally* made it to the Pembury for drinks and games - although we were muchly (and easily) confused by whatever card game it was that had no rules, and then lots of rules, and then you had to give all your cards away or swop them or eat them or burn them or something. I blame fluffymark entirely for this :)

I have also been to the zoo and to see Spamalot with loubieloutoo and clan. The zoo was good - but cold and we went mid-afternoon when all the good animals are sleeping. Saw a very entertaining giant anteater though. I liked him - but I felt very sorry for him when he hurt his nose on the electric fence. Seemed a bit unnecessary to me to have an electric fence round an anteater, but what do I know about anteaters? Spamalot was highly entertaining - I had fairly low expectations of this, but it was ace. I'm not dead yet!

Anyway, apart from all this excitement, life remains much the same. Work is still work-y - but less fun since my mate Y left. I miss her.  Dog is still living - although had to make fairly urgent vet appointment for this afternoon to assuage my fears. Glands in his neck are coming up very rapidly and his next chemo isn't for another 2 weeks and I don't think we can wait that long - also his 'wrist' is swollen again and I don't want his scepsis to come back, so might have to try different antibiotics. Hope my dad has his credit card ready! Still, to look on the positive side, this means I have a legitimate reason to leave work at 1600. Result! 

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