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Friends, romans, paperclips...

Hello there loverly flist - have been most remiss in updating so thought I'd rattle off some nonsense and then retreat back into the land of dark corners, dvd players and fanfic where the indigenous azir can most usually be found. Right, lets go - nonsense is calling us and who are we to leave the mistress waiting?

Work is depressingly work-like, but ok as I have adopted a rather uncharacteristic cheer about the whole affair and now blindside boss man with irrepressible good humour and unfailing helpfulness. This has the double effect of a) confusing my enemy so he tends to circle warily rather than approach, which is how I like my bosses- timid and ineffectual and b) making him think that I'm doing much more than I actually am. Still, he only makes up one third of my managerial triumvirate and the other two are proving more challanging foes... There is clearly more work to be done (not *that* sort of work. I only do actual, real, PA-type work when I'm backed into a (well-lit) corner or when I'm bored. Whichever happens first.)

The dog is very undepressingly dog-like. Running jumping climbing trees, learning about team work and eating a sausage..... ok, maybe not the trees bit and he's more likely to be belligerant than co-operative, but you get the gist, right? We have finished the weekly chemo sessions and have been downgraded to monthly. He hasn't however achieved remission and quite honestly I think it unlikely that he will - his glands are very very much reduced though, so the chemo is at least controlling his cancer. That's my hope anyway, need to talk to vet - think I found a lump on his chest yesterday too, although I might be being paranoid. Still, I have my Illya back - the one that jumps on my bed and whines for attention and eats everything that approaches looking like something that might once have been distantly related to what might be loosly termed 'food'. 

Family is... actually I have no idea, haven't spoken to any of them in weeks. Eep. Am terrible daughter/ sister/ half-sister/ step-sister/ grandchild/ niece/ step-daughter/ cousin. Though I did see my loverly step-brother last week when he wandered into London for an interview, so I'm not entirely useless. Just almost entirely.

Friends are good. Very very good. Like having friends. Actually saw some of [info]loubieloutoo 
over the weekend, which was nice. We went to see Hot Fuzz. Twice, because we are ridiculously sad and obsessive it was so good. Highly recommend it. I order you all to see it immediately. Didn't however make it to the Pembury, again, 'cos we are both useless *is guilty*. 

Well, we've rattled through work, pets, family and friends so I suppose that only leaves fandom.... My fandoms are all rather healthy at the minute, being kept simmering with the discovery of some rather well populated lj comms and judicous dvd watching - you have to work hard to keep up to date and engaged with these things you know. Purely for your amusement my current top five are (in no particular order):
1) Doctor Who 
2) Top Gear 
3) Ant and Dec (I know *hangs head in mock shame* - but I love 'em!)
4) Star Trek (ToS and DS9) 
5) House

Right, well, I'm sure I've just cemented my place as the saddest person on your respective flists, but I don't care - fandom is good!



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Feb. 19th, 2007 10:57 pm (UTC)
It's lies all lies! She sees me all the time!
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