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Survey: Slash and sexuality

As some of you may already know, I am currently studying for an MA in Social Research and my dissertation topic is concerned with slash fanfiction - in particular LGBTQ women who read/write m/m. The aim of my research is to explore how sexuality is challenged, expressed and explored in these writings. My interest in the topic is very much due to my own positioning as a lesbian who reads, pretty much exclusively, m/m fic and I have recognised that in the academic work undertaken on slash very little has been said about non-heterosexual identified women. BUT! you don’t have to identify as LGBTQ to respond to the survey - if you read/ write slash I want to hear from you! Ask me if you have any questions!


I’m sure lots of you will have tried to gather data for various things and it is not easy - I am very, very grateful to anyone who responds to the survey - you could win a voucher!


At the risk of repeating myself.....

I am not dead! Woo! Am actually revitalising this journal so hope to have some actual content over the coming days (ok, possibly weeks)...But in exciting!news have just revamped with an awesome new theme...*looks around* Nice. Very nice.

Not a dead LJ....

This LJ is not dead, merely inhabitated by a rabid fangirl who uses it mainly for fandom purposes and a bit of healthy stalking. So please do not delete this account, LJ overlords, for I am still here.

a mars a day....

I have just learnt that mars bars and other products from the mars company are no longer veggie - seems like a very odd backwards leap to me! A recipe change means that whey is being sourced from calf stomach enzymes - rather than the veggie alternative that has been used up till now. The reason for this change? Cash. Of course.

*Edit: This is now total out of date as the mega corp backed down, rethought, and came good. Bless 'em.


Your results:
You are Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
The Joker
Mr. Freeze
Dark Phoenix
Dr. Doom
Lex Luthor
Green Goblin
You would go to almost any length for the protection of the environment including manipulation and elimination.

Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...


Well, I'm finding myself at the end of yet another temporary job thing and I think I can conclusively say that being a PA is not for me. I'm being lured by the beautiful loubieloutoo into the unknown territory of librarianship - any thoughts from the peanut gallery? Any other suggestions? trazzles has already suggested cheese shop ownership and various work acquaintances have suggested alternative healer and candle maker, amongst other things - perhaps something less, err, lame? All thoughts and musings are welcome - I would attempt to put other helpful bits of information in this post, but as I have absolutely no idea what I want to do or what sort of things I'd like, its pretty much fling enough shit and see what sticks. So to speak. 



life, the universe and everything

Hello again flist - its that time again. The time when I realise I haven't wittered on at you for a while, so we must remedy this - oh yes!


I was putting off writing this entry until I could articulate myself beyond fangirl 'zomg!' levels, but alas,  I seem to be incapable. The gig last night was properly, *properly* A-mazing. I always think Placebo rock when I see them live - because, well, they do, but last night was particularly fine - possibly because its been so long since I last saw them, possibly because it was 1 night away from their final UK gig, possibly because it was a good night with a good vibe and Placebo do, indeed, rawk. 

Anyway as it was nearly the last UK gig (that's tonight - and I can't go *wail*), their set-list  was less Meds-centric and they played stuff like 'I know' and 'Bionic' from back in the day. They did 'Without you I'm nothing' and 'Special K' *has no words*. It was really very special - hadn't seen some of those early tracks performed live. For that matter hadn't seen any of the Meds tracks performed either - and they were all awesome. Only one minor gripe - they did do 'Tast in Men' but we were denied Stef's dance! *growls*


the 'bo!

I am in an undauntable and relentlessly cheerful good mood today because I have done battle with teh internets and I have emerged triumphant with 2 tickets to the Placebo gig on Tuesday at the Coronet in Elephant and Castle. This is cause for celebration people! I have not seen the 'bo play live since their last album. Simply not good enough and I had thought that the chance to see it had long since gone and that they had abandoned me to the bright lights of arenas - and I don't *do* arenas. But Lo! The 'bo, they do not disappoint me. *clutches virtual tickets and vanishes in a flash of fangirlyness*


Friends, romans, paperclips...

Hello there loverly flist - have been most remiss in updating so thought I'd rattle off some nonsense and then retreat back into the land of dark corners, dvd players and fanfic where the indigenous azir can most usually be found. Right, lets go - nonsense is calling us and who are we to leave the mistress waiting?