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the boy

Well, I think it has sunk in again that my doggie has cancer. I was sort've ignoring it following the remarkable effect of the first chemo treatment and his miraculous recovery from the scepsis. For a while there he was his old self - energetic, happy, bouncy, interested in life. I'd take him for walks (short ones 'cos he is old, but walks all the same) and he'd sniff stuff and have staring contests with cats, foxes, carrier bags... Generally very doggie like. This morning though, he was subdued - still eating still quite keen for a walk, but his tail was down, his ears were down and he walked slowly and without enthusiasm. Still waiting to hear from oncologist when chemo can resume, but in the meantime I have to watch while his lymph nodes swell and become tender, as his energy levels sink. I don't even know if chemo is an option anymore - he's still only stage 3, possibly 4 so he is a good candidate from that perspective, but this long delay can't be doing him any favours. *sigh* Hate this. Love my dog.

Worlds most disorganised PA

... that'd be me then. *sigh* I had thought I'd sort've got the hang of this job - it's not like it's hard. All I have to do is organise two people and make sure they have all the things they need to have to be where they should be on the right days at the right time. I, however, managed to send P off to Leeds yesterday with a ticket dated for today. Bugger. In my defence it was just a bit of backwards wrong logic - the tickets are valid for a month so if the important types change their minds then I don't have to change all their tickets. So if P wants to go up to Leeds a day early, what's the harm? Can anyone see the flaw in my non-thinking? Yes, you see, time does indeed go that way - away from the day P needed his ticket, not towards. *sigh* I swear, I don't know how I get through the day, I'm so fucking blonde sometimes... To cap it all off, P didn't have a hotel booked for last night either - although I stress that that one isn't my fault. I booked the hotel and I have the paperwork to prove it, just something went wrong with the machinations of the booking agency. So not my fault, but it doesn't look good does it? If I get fired, does anyone want to hire me? I make a wicked cup of tea and I know a lot about Star Trek - just don't hire me as your PA, I'm a bit shit. 

No wonder I have no confidence, what would I be confident of, exactly? That I can make a dog's dinner of  absolutely anything no matter how seemingly straight forward? I'm supposed to be looking for another job, a real job, a job where you get sick pay and your own mug - I can't muster up the will power to sound like I know what I'm doing. Why would anyone hire me? I'm shocking - I can't even get a train ticket right. Ok, let's not spark off another round of Rosie-has-a-mental-breakdown-about-something-fairly-innocuous-which-leads-to-a-full-blown-personal-crisis-that-sends-her-flatmate-up-the-wall-and-means-she-can't-get-out-of-bed-even-if-the-house-is-on-fire. 'cos although my crises are always so much fun, I'd rather not, y'know? Must stop brain from melting. Err. Help? Singing the Dangermouse theme always seems to help - *off key* 'he's amazing, he's fantastic, he's the greatest superhero in the world...

Happy new year and that...

Well hello there my lovelies - I hope this dreary Monday afternoon finds you all well and the christmas spirit hasn't left you bereft and moping. I've had an interesting time of things since I was last here. The cat found a cat-sitter, I went to Spain - where I had a lot of fun doing very little. The weather was peculiar - it snowed on my second day there, although not in the village itself, but further up the mountain. The villagers all drive up to see the snow and build snowmen on their bonnets which they then drive back down into town. Its an odd sight - in the bright sunshine and clear skies to see cars with mishapen snowmen wilting. Other days it was bright and lovey and on Christmas day we sat outside opening our pressies on the terrace drinking beer. It was a lot of fun but it was rather overshadowed by the very upsetting news that my dog, the beautiful Illya, has cancer. I flew back a few days after Christmas to get him into treatment as soon as possible. The initial chemo went as well as can be expected - he was lethargic and a bit miserable but still eating and alert and interested in life. He very quickly declined however, culminating in a frantic dash to the vets with Illya having to be carried into the taxi and into the vets. The taxi driver man was most helpful and was a total star in helping to carry Illya, in his fetching pink blankie, into the vets. Over the course of the next few days Illya stayed an in-patient at the vets and received massive amounts of antibiotics to try to fight off the blood scepsis he developed. The infection settled in two of his joints leaving him unable to walk or stand unaided. It was an awful way to spend 3 days, watching my boy struggle, obviously in pain and feeling unwell. But lo! The miracle on four legs that he is managed to get himself well enough to be discharged and despite mine and the vets worries about him climbing the stairs in my flat, Illya calmly sauntered up them without a second glance, lay in his bed and promptly ate any and all food that I presented to him. My boy rocks. Illya is now pain free and moving without any difficulty - I'm taking him to the vets this afternoon to get his bandages taken off and to see whether he will be well enough to re-start his course of chemo this week.

Keep your fingers crossed for Illy.


Not long now...

I'm sitting here at my desk in the office where I work, with a surprising number of things to do. I suppose that's what happens if you do bugger all for 2 days, you come to work and lo! There is work to be done. It's a bit of a novelty to me - I'm taken aback if I'm asked to do more than 3 things in an entire working day. So I'm celebrating this lovely long list of jobs to do by pissing around on LJ, waiting for lunch time to properly arrive, and planning my Spanish Christmas. For those of you who really don't know me (that'd be pretty much everyone then...) I should point out that my mum and her husband live in Spain so I am journeying to their house in order to sit on my arse and be periodically fed and watered. Actually, that sounds utterly repulsive... I shall not sit on my arse, I shall be whisked around the village fiestas and be introduced to loverly Spanish girls (maybe) although the language barrier will be interesting...

So, here I am, in the beating heart of CfH *yawn* working out exactly what oh-god-what-time-do-you-call-this O'Clock I will have to leave the house on Monday and writing lists of things I must do (Urgent: Find cat sitter)and things I must buy. I like lists.


I hate landlords. I really do. I mean, I don't think they should be put to death or anything and if they didn't exist at all I would be homeless, but right now, right this second I hate 'em. There are many problems associated with renting a house but if you happen to share said house with a rather sizable dog and a cat with a voice that can be heard in the Gambia, then you might begin to understand quite why I feel so strongly about landlords. Landlords don't like pets. Of any kind. In our lease it even prohibits lizards and fish so you can probably see why I'm quite keen that they don't ever clap eyes on my little duo. Therefore, when the landlord made an appointment to inspect the house, we spent a frenzied weekend hoovering (after, of course, *buying* a hoover), hiding all pet-related items (have you any idea how many things give away pet-ownership? Dishes, toys, beds, blankets, food, medications, poo bags, treats, leads, spare tags, old collars...) and concocting master plans in order to get the animals out of the house and out of harms way. In any case, the mission was accepted, the animals disavowed and the whole operation went off without a hitch. But who can spot the flaw in our plan? Yes, thats right, we rather relied on the landlord *showing up*. He didn't. Bastard! Now he wants to come on Monday and the whole operation will have to be rolled out again. Which means Jessie, my cat, is spending another day in the shed...

my brain is melting...

Its 12:06. Only 4 hours 54 minutes of the work day left.




Right well, yes, it's happened again. Monday arrived. Bugger. Since arriving at work at 09:12 (on the dot - as anyone who has ever met me can testify to, punctuality is not on of my (obviously numerous) qualities)I have managed to re-read every topgear slash fic I can find (that isn't friendslocked - what is it about this fandom? I've never had this much hassle trying to track down Hugh/ Stephen, or LOTR RPS). I have also read some rather mundane House/ Wilson over at Grabbing his Cane (I am severely hampered by trying not to spoiler season 3 for myself, so I seem to be stuck reading dross - although, if for some bizarre reason someone from GhC is reading this, I can't write fic to save my life so all my criticism is couched in my talentlessness.)In addition to all this action I've made many, many cups of tea, ponced around with pen and paper in hand to project the image of a hard-working type, with work to do that gets done in a timely and efficient manner.

*sigh* Someone rescue me from this drudgery! I need more topgear rps - friend me? Please? *wibble*

Peace out people,


Howdy all,

Have no concept of why anyone will be reading this, except perhaps the mod of the topgear slash comm I'm attempting to join. Indeed, this page only exists because I need to read more Richard/ James slash while attempting to at least look like I'm entertaining the notion of thinking about starting some work at some point this afternoon.

Anyway, since I'm here I suppose I should attempt to say something witty and/ or erudite..... Nope, can't think of a thing. Instead, the truth, I am a person sitting at a computer in my place of work. I'm 25. My brain doesn't like me. It does however like fanfic, almost always slash - favourite fandoms are: House/ Wilson, Hugh/ Stephen RPS, topgear (obviously, see above), Greg/ Nick (CSI), Spock/ McCoy, Sulu/ Chekov, Man from UNCLE, Murdock/ Face, Snape/ Lupin, etc. etc. etc. There really are too many to go into - suffice it to say I own a lot of DVDs and am partial to a bit of subtext (or text to be honest).

Right-o, gonna stop blathering. Hope to have something more interesting to say at some point and very possibly someone to say it to...